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Preventative and post COVID-19 Disinfection and Infection Control Services

Technical Services

Our services extend well beyond dealing with fires and floods to Covid 19, Infection Control and Clinical Deep Cleaning

ISS offers not only Infection Control & Clinical Deep Cleaning for hospitals, Care Homes and Surgeries, but also for critical infrastructure including call centres, data rooms, together with office spaces, retail and financial institutions, which have been confirmed or potentially exposed to viral or infections.

During these unprecedented times we are proud to be working alongside ISS Healthcare colleagues at the Nightingale Hospital in London Excel. We are also currently providing disinfection services for other hospitals & healthcare facilities, country infrastructure such as critical 999 centres, educational establishments and production facilities. Disinfection is also recommended in cases of suspected biological contamination. We also do pre-incident disinfection as a preventative measure.

We have responded to disinfection and decontamination projects for over 10 years with our Infection Control Solution which has undergone successful trials by NHS Smart Solutions, an NHS programme that drives innovative and cost effective ways to help hospitals boost their infection control procedures.

Specialised cleaning chemicals combined with professional and smart application methods ensure structures and surfaces in sensitive environments meet the required cleanliness standards.

In the hospital environment we specialise in the elimination of CDIF and MRSA super bugs by deep cleaning wards and applying our Infection Control Solution which has undergone successful trials by NHS Smart Solutions, an NHS programme that finds innovative and cost effective ways to help hospitals boost their infection control procedures.

‘The Smart Solutions study indicated that cold fogging with such a broad spectrum water-based anti-microbial is a practical and effective method of deep cleaning decontaminating hospital ward areas that are potential sources of infection and maybe of specific value in the control of contamination during outbreaks as an adjunct to routine cleaning activities.’

– Dr Art T. Tucker BSc(Hons) PhD SRCS MICR FICA CSci, Principal Clinical Scientist & Senior Lecturer, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London

Our Infection Control offering was a 2010 NHS Smart Solutions winner and is a major breakthrough in infection control which has been selected by the NHS for use across its UK healthcare network.

This system was chosen as a winner by Smart Solutions – an NHS programme to find innovative products and services to help hospitals boost their infection control procedures.

Effective decontamination
The Infection Control Solution is a fast, powerful and non-toxic system which will eradicate bacteria and viruses.

Kill is immediate and is to log 5+. In addition, the treatment forms a nanoscopic bond with surfaces with the potential to provide protection for weeks and because it contains four types of biocides it prevents bacteria from forming a resistance to it.

One hour turnaround
The system uses a cold water fogging technique to treat all wards and clinical areas using a formula which includes four different biocides. It is far quicker than traditional fogging methods enabling treated areas to be back in operation within an hour.

Non-toxic and non-corrosive
The system is non-toxic and non-corrosive allowing sensitive equipment, stainless steel, fabrics, furniture and beds to remain in situ during the fogging treatment.

Tested at St Bart’s
It has undergone 12 weeks of rigorous trials and testing at St Bart's Hospital part of the Bart’s and The London NHS Trust.

Superior anti-microbial technology
Formula 429 utilises Byotrol technology to deliver its revolutionary performance. Byotrol is a patented combination of biocides which not only delivers a powerful kill of bacteria, fungi and viruses, but keeps on working when it is dry to provide long lasting protection for weeks on undisturbed surfaces.

Nationwide delivery
The service is delivered by ISS Restoration the UK leading restoration specialists. The Infection Control Solution can be applied with minimum disruption to (healthcare) services. Our highly experienced teams will work with you to devise an effective solution for entire hospitals or selected areas.

ISS is a long term supplier of services to the NHS with vast experience and an understanding of the needs of infection and viral control. This particular service is provided through a highly specialised restoration division using specially trained staff.

Our Covid 19 & Infection Control Offering

  • A unique approach to microbial control with residual efficiency which kills and keeps on working
  • Patented nano-polymer backbone amplifies performance of approved biocides to reduce both cross-contamination and suspected cases
  • Broad-spectrum kill, effective against bacteria, yeasts, fungi and spores
  • Safe to use on all surfaces – stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised or chrome finishes, rubber and plastics
  • Validated and approved working protocol – NHS Smart Solutions Award Winner 2010
  • Fogging of Water based anti-microbial is done to remove airborne bacteria and viruses
  • 24/7/365 by specifically trained and experienced technicians
  • Full documentation inc Risk Assessment and where requested independent analysis (within 24 hours)

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